And I don't know why I was so terrified!

Susan Odev, as a people manager of many years standing, is a perfect hostess and had the foresight to pair me with another freelance writer, Sam Thewlis.

I was a bit concerned I'd either babble or clam up; Susan assures me I did neither - but you can listen in to the show when it airs on 21st July and judge for yourself! The link to the radioblog, is, unsurprisingly, under 'Links'!

I've since been checking out the links Sam suggested, websites who list freelance writing gigs - that's a technical term, honest - and have also begun to add random captions to equally random pictures, with a view to badgering greeting card companies!

Another website I'm perusing is Suite101, who I first found on Facebook - both Sam and my former writing tutor, Philip Kane have heard of it, which was all the nudge I needed to look at it seriously. I'll hopfully be adding a link to that soon, where you'll be able to read my articles on all the subjects currently not covered on the blogs (The Scatter excepted!)
I’m thrilled that following the close of the reality dance season and expanding to include music, The Rhythm of Life has continued to attract readers. In less than one year, it has surpassed the number of hits across all my other blogs combined, resulting in a blog rank of 55! Consider that some blogs established for a few years rank around 26 and you can understand my glee!

Last year, BBC TV’s Strictly Come Dancing/So You Think You Can Dance PR teams and the ITV teams covering Dancing On Ice and Pop Star to Opera Star** kindly sent me lots of updates for inclusion. So far this year, Dance CATs, Barclays Live, Ubisoft and Engineer Records have all felt my blog to be a good home to promote themselves and/or their clients and I’m hoping this trend will continue. 

If you are an individual or company and you wish to send me promotional material for anything music or dance related, please do contact me via email:

Likewise, if you would like to permanently advertise on The Rhythm of Life, please feel free to also contact me at that email address.

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